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Kevin James Healey was born in Middleboro Massachusetts and grew up in the

neighboring town of Lakeville. He began his musical journey at the age of 8 years old

by starting trumpet lessons. At the age of 10 he started playing guitar and organ. By high

school he also played baritone and trombone and saxophone. I remember “always being

involved with a musical organization”.

During his college years he played guitar and saxophone with numerous rock bands in the Boston area. He joined the Air Force and played music throughout his military career. Later residing in Colorado he was known for his singer/song writer solo act and also playing with some of the top bands in The Rocky Mountain region and Las Vegas.

“Writing songs has always been my first true love” he said in an interview with the

Rocky Mountain Post after writing and recording the CD release “Crooked Lane”.

“I was honored to play with some of the top musicians in the country during those

recording session” Healey says.

After 30 years in the Denver area Kevin decided to make a life changing move and lived

in Montana were he enjoyed writing some music and riding his Harleys. Currently Kevin

Lives in the Berkshires, a beautiful area in western Massachusetts were he can be closer

to family. He plays at local Bistro’s, Restaurants and Special events.

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