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Jucket - juh ket; noun Originated from Jim Jucket's family who lived in Freetown, MA in the mid 1900s. Aka,

Bub; hillbilly from Lakeville or Freetown; a greeting and reference from one lakeville or freetown native to another.   “Shay Jucket” or “Shay Bub”; an identification of one who grew up in lakeville or freetown. 



kev guitar small.JPG

Kevin James
-Lead Vocals/Guitar

mike edit.jpg

Michael       Pfeiffer
-Bass Fiddle

jana and mike to edit 3.jpg


The Juckets The Hoot.JPG

The Juckets, a berkshire-based, acoustic americana-bluegrass band play for the fun of it at regional farmers markets, breweries, wineries and local festivals. Kevin James Healey, a multi instrumentalist and lead guitarist for The Juckets is also a singer songwriter.  He has played in venues large and small in Colorado before moving to the Berkshires.  His CDs Crooked Lane and No Regrets bring a soft reflective sound while his strong rhythmic style with The Juckets gets the toes-a-tappin'.  Jim Caron (fiddle), Michael Pfeiffer (bass fiddle), and Jana Pfeiffer (banjo) complete the sound.

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